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Feeling Overwhelmed?

It’s time to reclaim your time and energy.

  • Personal guidance through my 5-step coaching process (customized for your needs)

  • Learn how to empower your assistant so you are free to do what you love

  • Prioritize your to-do list and create categories to eliminate the “Who’s going to handle this?” guessing game

  • Assess your overall efficiency, including meeting and work rhythms, technology use, and interpersonal relationships with coworkers and clients

  • Learn how to delegate the right tasks in the right way

  • Get an unbiased assessment of your overall work-life balance

  • Receive practical tips and recommended tools to help you become more productive

  • Learn how to stop burnout (in yourself or your coworkers) before it’s too late

  • Discover how to maximize your executive/assistant partnership

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5-Step Coaching Process

Do what you were made to do. Eliminate what drains you.

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Hi, I’m Jeremy Burrows.

Husband + Father + Executive Assistant

Executives and their assistants turn to me to help them gain more time, energy, & success.

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“I’m an assistant who wants to grow in my leadership.”

Whether you’re an Executive or an Assistant – I can help!

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