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30-Day Assistant Challenge

A course delivered via bite-sized emails every weekday for 30 days.

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Feedback from Assistants

“I had been feeling stuck and demotivated at work for a while, but Jeremy’s challenge provided the push I needed to reflect on my performance and make much needed changes. Inspiring and fun, a breath of fresh air, would recommend to all assistants.”

– Azahara G., Personal Assistant in London, UK

“The 30-Day Assistant Challenge was so inspiring. If you’re looking to grow as an assistant, I recommend signing up today!”

– Eva S., Executive Assistant in Barcelona, Spain

“This is a great resource for both new and seasoned assistants – a great reminder on how to connect well with your Executive while finding the best ways to encourage your own personal growth and balance.”

– Stephanie P., Executive Assistant in Grand Rapids, MI

How to Manage Constant Interruptions

How to Manage Constant Interruptions

An online course to help you manage distractions.

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Are you tired of getting interrupted throughout the day?

Learn how to stay productive while being hit with never-ending distractions.

Includes 10 practical modules to help you take back the reins on your productivity and focus.

“As an EA the information in this program is not new, but it’s so valuable to have it shoved under your nose to make you understand that you have power over interruptions!”

– Stephanie W., Executive Assistant

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