Accomplish Your Goals + Avoid Burnout

9 Tools to Increase Productivity and Focus

If you've ever wasted a ton of time scrolling through your Facebook news feed, or have ever wished you could take back an email you sent, seconds after sending, today's post is for you. I'm always hesitant when someone says, "Check out this new tool I use to stay stay focused and increase productivity!" Why? Because generally not having a tool isn’t what keeps [...]

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How To Onboard A New Assistant

About four or five months ago, I told myself (and a few others) I was going to write and publish one blog post per week. It went great for two or three months, then not so great. In fact, it’s been almost two months since I’ve written a post. I’m not proud of failing to meet my goal, but I (mostly) have a good reason [...]

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6 Questions Your Assistant Should Ask You

All sorts of headlines promise to show us how to enjoy life, be better, set goals, get more done, and so on. But often times, behind these headlines are posts with vague thoughts on work and life. They might inspire us to be more but do they actually help us day-to-day? My goal with this post is to give you something you can apply to your job today. [...]

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How to Rest Well During the Holidays

It’s been a long, crazy, up and down year. You're running on fumes, but you tell yourself to “Finish strong” because you have too much work to do. Instead of looking forward to some time off, you’re dreaming about how much you could get done with a few days of uninterrupted time. You make all sorts of excuses about how far behind you are, [...]

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Hiring an Assistant? Here Are 6 Questions to Ask Each Applicant

Finding the right assistant can be very difficult. Hiring the wrong assistant can be a major setback. But how do you discern the great applicants from the not-so-great? The key is knowing the right questions to ask during the interview process. Source: Gratisography 6 Questions to Ask Your Potential Assistant These six questions are specifically designed to help you discern whether or [...]

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The Most Important Meeting of Your Week

I hate meetings. Long or short, large or small, food or no food, outside or inside, morning or afternoon – it doesn’t matter. Meetings drain the life out me, and I’m guessing most of you feel the same. There’s even a book called, Meetings Suck. Unfortunately, meetings often resort to nothing more than a group of unproductive people, sitting around a table with other [...]

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4 Ways to Help Your Assistant Help You

In my 8+ years as an executive assistant, I spent most of my time in the weeds. Yes, it was my job to stay in and sort through those weeds. But as I take an honest look at my time in that role, I realize I missed out on a lot. I spent little to no time helping other assistants, honing my skills, or [...]

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Why We Micromanage and How To Stop

I have a confession to make. I’m a control freak. I like things done the right way. Of course, when I say “right way” I mean, “my way.” If someone does something well — but not exactly the way I like it done — I will go out of my way to correct it. I’m sure my wife would be happy to tell you [...]

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