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Ep 211: Jessica McBride on ChatGPT, Emotional Intelligence, Finding Your Voice, and Vulnerability

Jessica McBride has over 10 years of experience in supporting executives. Her passion lies in communication and how it can shape a company from the top down. In this conversation, Jessica talks about emotional intelligence, using technology like chatGPT at work, finding (and using) your voice, and being vulnerable in the workplace. LEADERSHIP QUOTE If you’re not in the arena with the rest of [...]

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Ep 210: Lexi Gunther – Executive Support Team Manager and Executive Assistant to the Head of Product at Cedar

Lexi Gunther went from being a high school dropout to being a well-paid, EA Team Lead. She has been an EA and thought partner since 2009 and currently works at Cedar, a health-tech company, where she manages the Executive Support Team and is the Executive Assistant to the Head of Product.  In this episode, Lexi talks about working with international teams, transitioning from an [...]

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Ep 209: Molly Denham on Remote Work and Career Paths for Administrative Professionals

Molly Denham spent 22 years as an administrative specialist in the US Air Force, working at every level and traveling all around the world. In this episode, Molly talks about career paths and levels for administrative professionals, remote work, and education for assistants.00:07:07 Find the perfect match. TIME STAMPED OUTLINE 00:07:48 Be selective in clients. 00:22:06 Do research and take time. 00:29:12 Trust your [...]

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Ep 208: Candice Burningham – Director and Founder of Admin Avenues

Candice Burningham spent nearly two decades working in Australia and the UK as a C-Suite Executive Assistant to some of the biggest and brightest minds globally. In this episode, Candice talks about her career journey from office junior to c-suite EA to launching an admin employment marketplace and specialist agency for high-net-worth individuals in Australia. LEADERSHIP QUOTE A genuine leader is not a searcher [...]

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Ep 207: Deedee Benyi on Understanding the Business and Supporting Multiple Executives

Deedee Benyi is the Executive Assistant to the Chief Data Scientist at The Hartford. She came to this role after a varied career path including Automotive Service Management in addition to Real Estate and Vacation Planning in the USVI. In this episode, Deedee talks about how to understand the business so you can better support your executive team, supporting multiple executives, creating a professional [...]

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Ep 206: Nichole Brooks on Extending Grace at Work and Advocating for Assistants

Nichole Brooks has an extensive career as an administrative professional with 30 years of experience, including her current role as an Administrative Operations Manager. In this episode, Nichole discusses advocating for assistants to the leadership team, extending grace at work, transitioning from being a peer to being a manager, and more. LEADERSHIP QUOTE Apologizing is a strength, not a weakness. CONNECT WITH NICHOLE Nichole [...]

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Ep 205: Rita Reis on Speaking Up, Networking, and Developing Soft Skills

Rita Reis is a longtime office manager and executive assistant in Portugal who is passionate about networking and getting things done. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Rita and I talk about the importance of networking, not being afraid to raise your hand, and developing your emotional intelligence. LEADERSHIP QUOTE Leadership is about allowing people to be themselves. CONNECT WITH RITA Rita [...]

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Ep 204: Whitney Kelso on Networking, Boundaries, and Taking Risks

Whitney Kelso is an Administrative Assistant II at one of the largest healthcare providers in the United States. She supports two Staff Vice Presidents and their leadership teams in the Global Chief Information Office. In this episode, Whitney talks about networking with colleagues, professional development, setting boundaries, taking risks, and the influence and power that administrative professionals hold in the workplace. LEADERSHIP QUOTE Become [...]

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Ep 203: Irina Totok on Travel Planning and Making the Impossible Possible

Irina Totok has over four years of executive assistant experience supporting executives in the c-suite. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Irina talks about travel planning and making the impossible possible. One of my favorite quotes from Irina during our conversation was this – “If something isn’t in the calendar, it isn’t in their life.” LEADERSHIP QUOTE Leaders aren't born, they are [...]

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Ep 202: Cath Harrison – Virtual PA and Founder of Bee-Assisted Limited

Cath Harrison has a 35 year career in PA, EA and administrative roles in various private and public sectors, including over 17 years working within the IT Industry for Hewlett-Packard. In this episode, Cath talks about being let go during a global pandemic, starting a new business, and the world’s shift to remote work. LEADERSHIP QUOTE You don't need a new day to start [...]

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