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I’ve had the opportunity to speak at administrative and executive assistant conferences all over the world, including Hong Kong, Thailand, and Germany.

I’m also the founder and keynote speaker of Leader Assistant Live, which hosts online and on-site events for administrative professionals, including the largest on-site executive assistant conference in the US in 2020.

Jeremy Burrows Speaking

Most requested keynote presentations.

Average length: 20min keynote + 20-40min of Q&A.

Are you suffering from burnout? If not, are you confident you would see the signs and know how to make drastic changes before you crash and burn? In this session, I cover how to recognize and resist burnout – before it’s too late.

I’ve experienced burnout first hand, and witnessed many executives burnout. In this keynote, I’ll walk you through what I learned and how to avoid making the same mistakes so you can lead well without burning out.

  • Explore how to take care of yourself first, so that you can take care of those around you in a more effective way.
  • Learn to recognize you’re on the path to burnout before it’s too late.
  • Discover the keys to recovering from burnout and resisting future burnout.

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Every week there are new articles about artificial intelligence and what it means for the future of work. Will robots take our jobs? Will software tell us what to do? Will assistants be necessary? No matter your opinion on the topic, it’s clear the world of work is changing. Are you ready to adapt and embrace the future?

This keynote dives into the topics of artificial intelligence and emotional intelligence, and how each impacts the future of the assistant role.

  • Explore what assistants must do to prepare for the future of AI technology.
  • Discover 5 ways to future-proof your career.
  • See real world examples of how AI is handling tasks for employees today.
  • Learn to develop your emotional intelligence.

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The assistant role is fluid. It’s unclear. It’s ever-changing. It’s not a clean cut and orderly role. It’s full of tension and change.

In this keynote, we’ll explore the following 3 keys to being a steady and composed Leader Assistant in the midst of change or crisis.

  • Enjoy the process
  • Entertain the worst-case scenario
  • Embrace the tension

WARNING: This session is NOT for those looking for behavior modification. It is for Leader Assistants who want to go deep and uproot what’s holding them back from remaining steady in the storms.

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This interactive session is for groups of assistants who would like to have an open discussion about anything and everything in my book, The Leader Assistant, or other topics related to the administrative profession. Sign up for an encouraging, engaging, and challenging “Ask Me Anything” conversation with your team.

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This keynote is full of practical tips and tricks (and a powerful tool) to help you manage and guard your executive’s calendar, and email inbox, in a way that allows them to be accessible and available when needed – but doesn’t burn them out.

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