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Ep #62: Meagan Strout – Founding Partner and CEO of Elevate Leadership Support Advisors

May 24, 2020|Hiring an Assistant, Podcast|

Meagan Strout is Founding Partner and CEO of Elevate Leadership Support Advisors – the leading provider of recruitment, management consulting, and career development training for administrative professionals, here in the U.S. Meagan shares a ton of amazing tips on interviewing for a job, crafting a resume, and compensation for assistants. [...]

Assistant, Are You Ready to Lead?

May 10, 2020|Leadership|

Publishing a book is a lot of work. Lots of staring at a screen wondering if you’ll find the words to say. When they finally do come, you spend hours editing and cutting most of it. Once the manuscript is fully drafted, there’s no chance to sit back and enjoy [...]

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