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Ep 195: Dawnee Frey – Senior Executive Assistant at Blink Health

Dawnee Frey is a Senior Executive Assistant with nearly 20 years of experience in the field. Having held positions in construction, legal, healthcare, tech, and biopharma, she is able to tailor her skills to meet the needs of various clients. In this episode, Dawnee and I talk about navigating goal setting when it can sometimes be tough to see the assistant role as directly [...]

2022-11-05T12:17:15-05:00November 27, 2022|Podcast|

Ep 194: Amber Sullivan on Balancing the Demands of a Fast-Paced Work Environment With a Fast-Paced Home Life

Amber Sullivan is a career EA with more than 15 years of experience supporting c-suite and senior executives. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Amber talks about leading a team of assistants, working with admins who lack ambition, balancing the demands of a fast-paced work environment with a fast-paced home life, and being honest during the interview process. LEADERSHIP QUOTE Management is [...]

2022-10-29T12:00:13-05:00November 20, 2022|Avoiding Burnout, Podcast|

Ep 193: Emily Morgan and Eileen Coombes from Delegate Solutions

Emily Morgan and Eileen Coombes help teams create the freedom to do more and make most of their time and energy. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Emily and Eileen share their career journeys from assistants to executive and founder roles at Delegate Solutions. They also talk about communication tips for working remotely and more! LEADERSHIP QUOTE What we know matters, but [...]

2022-10-29T12:10:57-05:00November 13, 2022|Podcast, Productivity|

Ep 192: Beth Mickelson on Persevering Through Challenging Times

Beth Mickelson has been an assistant for over 20 years in a variety of industries including law, healthcare, environmental services and construction. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Beth shares her story of perseverance and encourages assistants to remain professional no matter the circumstances. LEADERSHIP QUOTE Treat employees like they make a difference and they will. – Jim Goodnight CONNECT WITH BETH [...]

2022-10-29T11:29:17-05:00November 6, 2022|Podcast|

Ep 191: Sashai Yhukutwana on Overcoming Doubt and Remaining Curious

Sashai Yhukutwana has a variety of work experiences and is currently an executive assistant living with her partner and working in Johannesburg, South Africa. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Sashai and I have a fun conversation about seeing yourself as a leader, remaining curious, and overcoming doubt. LEADERSHIP QUOTE Hard work is a prison sentence only if it does not have [...]

2022-10-29T11:27:34-05:00October 30, 2022|Leadership, Podcast|

Ep 190: 5 Antidotes to Burnout for Executive Assistants

Exercising self-care is the key to long-term sustainability. If you don't take care of yourself, you'll eventually burn out. This episode features an excerpt from my audiobook, The Leader Assistant: Four Pillars of a Confident, Game-Changing Assistant. In this chapter, I walk through five habits or "antidotes" that are crucial not just for recovery, but also for shielding your career against future stressors that [...]

2022-10-08T09:57:19-05:00October 23, 2022|Avoiding Burnout, Podcast|

Ep 189: Ken Babcock – Co-Founder and CEO of Tango

Ken Babcock is the Co-founder and CEO of Tango, which allows users to create beautiful step-by-step tutorials of any digital process without the performance art of video recordings. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Ken talks about finding, hiring, and onboarding Tango's chief of staff, Angela, who was an executive assistant. He shares a bit about how Angela has helped their company [...]

2022-10-07T15:39:25-05:00October 16, 2022|Hiring an Assistant, Podcast|

Ep 188: Joanna Mitchell – Author of The Healthy Virtual Assistant

Joanna Mitchell is the author of The Healthy Virtual Assistant, a book she authored from her experience founding a virtual assistant service for the health and wellness industry. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Joanna talks about the process of becoming a virtual assistant/freelancer, choosing a niche, tips for improving your written communication, and making the transition from corporate to freelance. Also, [...]

2022-10-07T15:37:18-05:00October 9, 2022|Avoiding Burnout, Podcast|

Ep 187: Jamie Vanek on Restoring Respectability to the Assistant Role

Jamie Vanek made the unexpected career leap from teaching to construction in 2007 and discovered a passion for project management and team leadership. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Jamie shares her career journey and talks about dismantling the stigma around support roles, rethinking administrative structure in small businesses, and restoring respectability to the assistant role. I hope you enjoy our conversation, [...]

2022-10-01T21:54:39-05:00October 2, 2022|Leadership, Podcast, Resources|

Ep 186: Rachael Bonetti on Self-Care and Avoiding Burnout

Rachael Bonetti has 27 years of experience as an executive assistant supporting a high profile billionaire, prominent business leaders, entrepreneurs, change makers, thought leaders, and high performing CEOs. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Rachael talks about the importance of prioritizing yourself, avoiding burnout, and the biggest blocks assistants face in their careers and life. LEADERSHIP QUOTE One of the criticisms I’ve [...]

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