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Ep #48: Sandra Lewis – Founder and CEO of Boldly

One of my favorite things about hosting a podcast is speaking with people all over the world. My guest in Episode 48, Sandra Lewis, was in France while we were chatting. Gotta love technology! Sandra is Founder and CEO of Boldly, a subscription based remote executive assistant company. We talk about interview questions for assistants, company culture, thoughts on making the transition from in-office [...]

2020-02-16T11:43:24-06:00February 16, 2020|Hiring an Assistant, Podcast|

Ep #47: Diana Brandl – International Speaker and Founder of The Socialista Projects

I recently met Diana Brandl and she is just as amazing in person as she is on this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast. Diana and I talk about artificial intelligence and the future of assistants, what to do if you've taken initiative but are not being given a seat at the table, what we can do to help others value our role, and [...]

2020-02-09T09:25:20-06:00February 9, 2020|Podcast|

Ep #46: Rhonda Scharf – CEO of On the Right Track

Rhonda Scharf is a former EA turned professional speaker, trainer, and consultant. I know you'll enjoy hearing from her in episode 46! Rhonda and I talk about AI and the future of assistants, advice for public speaking, tips for executives looking for assistants, and much more. Enjoy our conversation! LEADERSHIP QUOTE There is nothing more tragic than someone who has sight, yet has no [...]

2020-01-12T10:02:58-06:00February 2, 2020|Podcast|

Ep #45: Nadine King – Executive Assistant and Author

Nadine King is Author of The Ninja: Chronicles of an Assistant, Pastor and a Coach. She is also a 20+ year veteran with experience supporting C-suite executives, vice presidents, executive directors, local church leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs as an executive assistant and virtual assistant. Nadine and I talk about working with Type A executives, managing an inbox, the role of a virtual [...]

2020-01-20T16:26:28-06:00January 26, 2020|Podcast|

Ep #44: Skevi Constantinou – Founder of The PA Way

Skevi Constantinou is a long time EA and Founder of The PA Way in the UK. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with her and I know you will learn a lot from our conversation. We talk about managing interruptions and distractions, what to look for in an assistant, making mistakes, managing email, bullying in the workplace, and more. Skevi also shares her vision for The [...]

2020-01-11T14:22:39-06:00January 19, 2020|Podcast|

Ep #43: Nick Loper – Founder of Side Hustle Nation and Author of Virtual Assistant Assistant

I'm a firm believer in having multiple streams of income, or "Side Hustles," so I'm very excited for this episode! Nick Loper runs sidehustlenation.com and hosts the award winning Side Hustle Show podcast, which features new part-time business ideas each week. One of Nick's many side hustles is his reviews website virtualassistantassistant.com where he gathers reviews for the top VA firms. He's also author of [...]

2020-01-11T12:42:25-06:00January 12, 2020|Hiring an Assistant, Podcast|

Ep #42: Amanda Vinci – CEO and Founder of The EA Institute

My first interview episode of 2020 is with Amanda Vinci, Founder and CEO of The EA Institute. It was fun interviewing Amanda from the other side of the world (she’s in Melbourne, Australia, I’m in St. Louis, MO). Amanda is an internationally accredited coach and trainer, Meta Dynamics Practitioner, Accredited EDISC Consultant, and International Keynote Speaker. We talk about mentors, mistakes, recognizing and avoiding [...]

2020-01-05T11:34:42-06:00January 5, 2020|Avoiding Burnout, Podcast|

Ep #41: Appendicitis and Happy New Year!

I no longer have an appendix but I still have my passion for helping the assistant community. Happy New Year and here's to an awesome 2020! Thanks for all the well wishes as I recover from my appendectomy, friends. Happy New Year and stay tuned for more amazing podcast interviews in the coming weeks! RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Enroll in the 30-Day Assistant [...]

2019-12-23T11:22:47-06:00December 29, 2019|Podcast|

Top 5 Leader Assistant Podcast Interviews in 2019

As 2019 comes to an end, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for many things – my family, my job, my friends, and the doctor who removed my appendix on Friday. I'm also extremely grateful for the thousands of assistants (over 63,000 in fact) all over the world who've listened to The Leader Assistant Podcast since I launched the show on March 31. I thought I'd [...]

2019-12-24T11:34:42-06:00December 24, 2019|Leadership, Podcast|

Ep #40: Jim Kelly – EA to Michael Hyatt

I can’t believe we’re at Episode 40 but here we are! I had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Kelly, who is Executive Assistant to Michael Hyatt, the CEO and Founder of Michael Hyatt & Company. Jim has some great tips on calendar management, including my favorite tactic – the ideal week. He also shares tips on managing email, contributing to your executive’s success, and [...]

2019-12-15T16:40:25-06:00December 22, 2019|Leadership, Podcast|