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Ep #81: Rowe Hoffer – Senior Assistant to the Cofounder and CEO of Mozilla

Rowe Lapiña Hoffer is the Sr. Executive Assistant to Mozilla’s co-founder and Chairwoman, Mitchell Baker. In this episode, Rowe talks about seeing our role as assistants as important and vital to our organizations, the importance of boundaries, and having the humility to help where needed versus having a sense of entitlement. We also talk about the title "assistant" and what it means to us. [...]

2020-09-07T16:41:11-05:00September 20, 2020|Podcast|

Ep #80: Alice Default – CEO and Cofounder of Double

Alice Default has spent over 6 years building productivity tools to help people work better at companies including Microsoft, Sunrise, and Front. Since 2018, Alice and her team have been laser-focused on helping CEOs and their teams get more done with Double, a modern executive assistant service that sources experienced US-based assistants and empowers them with great tech. In this episode, Alice talks about [...]

2020-09-07T15:42:22-05:00September 13, 2020|Podcast|

Ep #79: Hayley Cole – Executive Assistant at BlackRock

Hayley Cole provides EA support to the Head of EII EMEA Product Development at BlackRock. She is also the Co-Chair of GAIN EMEA, which is the professional network providing support and advocating for the administrative professionals at BlackRock. In this episode, Hayley shares tips on anticipating your executive's needs, staying productive, the importance of networking with other assistants, and how to cultivate diversity in [...]

2020-09-07T15:23:54-05:00September 6, 2020|Leadership, Podcast|

Ep #78: Tracking Your Time – A Sneak Peek at a New Himalaya Learning Podcourse

Enjoy this sneak peek at a new audio "podcourse" I produced in partnership with Himalaya.com. It's called 7 Keys to Reclaiming Your Time, Energy, and Productivity and it's available exclusively on Himalaya Learning. In this episode, I talk about key one: Tracking Your Time. Himalaya Learning is an audio learning platform that provides an extensive library of courses straight to your ears from the [...]

2020-08-31T21:28:48-05:00September 1, 2020|Podcast, Resources|

Ep #77: Lisa Olsen – Senior Executive Coordinator at Dignity Health and Co-owner of Admin to Admin

Lisa Olsen has a passion for motivating others to be their best. She's been a senior executive assistant for over 25 years, and is also co-owner of Admin to Admin. Lisa shares advice on managing an inbox, having the confidence to lead, professional development, and much more. I hope you enjoy our conversation! LEADER ASSISTANT MEMBERSHIP Join top executive assistants from around the world [...]

2020-08-26T18:06:51-05:00August 30, 2020|Podcast, Resources|

Ep #76: Aimee Browne – EA to CEO and Business Mentor

Aimee Browne is an EA with over 15 years of experience, and is passionate about helping others succeed in business and life. Aimee shares openly about her struggle with burnout, depression and anxiety, and how difficult it was to ask for help and work toward recovery. She then shares some self-care tips that have helped her since her burnout. I really appreciate Aimee's honesty [...]

2020-08-01T14:42:06-05:00August 23, 2020|Podcast|

Ep #75: Amanda Christoff – CEO & Founder of Bloom Talent

Amanda Christoff is the CEO & Founder of Bloom Talent, a woman-owned boutique recruiting firm that specializes in Chief of Staff, Executive Assistant, and Startup Ops roles. Amanda has great insight on resume crafting (and the biggest mistake you can make when crafting yours), interview prep, job searching, negotiating a higher compensation package during the interview process, and how to resist burnout. Enjoy! LEADER [...]

2020-08-01T14:05:30-05:00August 16, 2020|Hiring an Assistant, Podcast|

Ep #74: Kara Tanenbaum – Longtime C-Suite EA and Part-Time VA

Kara Tanenbaum is an Executive Assistant, providing C-level support in a strategic partnership for over sixteen years. She also side-hustles as a Virtual Assistant, specializing in all things digital marketing. Kara shares tips on how to start a virtual assistant side-hustle, including thoughts on the importance of specializing, and how to market yourself and get more clients. She also talks about the cons of [...]

2020-08-09T09:48:36-05:00August 9, 2020|Podcast|

Ep #73: Gisele Karame-Kemp – Executive Assistant to the Cofounder and Co-CEO of Atlassian

Gisele Karame-Kemp is the Executive Assistant to Scott Farquhar, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Atlassian, a collaboration software company that helps teams organize, discuss, and complete shared work. Atlassian owns the popular task management software Trello, which many assistants depend on to get their work done. Gisele talks about what it’s like working for a global software (with over a billion dollars in revenue), managing [...]

2020-07-30T23:12:26-05:00August 2, 2020|Podcast|

Ep #72: Jessica Vann – CEO & Founder of Maven Recruiting Group

Jessica Vann is the CEO and Founder of Maven Recruiting Group – a renowned recruiting brand specializing in connecting high-leverage executive assistant and operations hires to the nation’s most prominent executives and companies. We talk about changing the perception of the executive assistant profession on both sides of the table, what executives look for in an assistant, tips for preparing for an interview, what [...]

2020-07-24T17:47:12-05:00July 26, 2020|Podcast|
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