Ep 260: Navigating the EA and Chief of Staff Relationship with Maggie Olson

Maggie Olson is the Founder of Nova Chief of Staff, the premier destination for Chief of Staff education and development. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Maggie walks through a step by step guide for EAs and CoSs for leveraging each other and creating a powerful relationship. She also touches on navigating other c-suite relationships. CONNECT WITH MAGGIE Maggie on LinkedIn Nova [...]

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Ep 253: Amaia Arruabarrena – Former Executive Assistant to the CEO of ezCater

Amaia Arruabarrena was executive assistant to ezCater’s previous CEO, and is now ezCater’s Director of DEI & Operations. She focuses on creating an inclusive environment that nourishes trust and encourages learning and vulnerability. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Amaia shares her fascinating story about her pursuit of becoming a doctor, finding a customer service job at ezCater on Craigslist, becoming EA [...]

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Ep 251: Maria Smith on the Science and Benefits of Goal-Setting

Maria Smith worked as a sales leader for Fortune 500 companies across three different industries, and now she helps leaders, employees, and organizations understand the science and benefits of goal-setting. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Maria talks about aligning your goals with your executive’s goals, balancing short-term and long-term goals, and the power of a shared vision between colleagues. LEADERSHIP QUOTE [...]

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Ep 249: Izzy Gousby on Managing a Team of Assistants and Cultivating Confidence

Izzy Gousby is the manager of an executive support team, has over 25 years of experience in the administrative field, and is also a Veteran of the United States Army Reserves. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Izzy discusses the power of networking, what it means to own your work, managing a team of executive assistants, and cultivating confidence. LEADERSHIP QUOTE The [...]

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Ep 245: Natalie Lee – Senior Executive Assistant and EA Manager at Atlassian

Natalie (or Nat!) Lee is a Senior Executive Assistant and EA Manager at Atlassian, a remote-first, global software company. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Natalie shares her journey from working in HR to being an executive assistant, working at a remote-first company, and nurturing psychological safety in the workplace. LEADERSHIP QUOTE Never let the fear of striking out keep you from [...]

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Ep 239: Lucy Brazier – Author of The Modern-Day Assistant

Lucy Brazier, OBE, is one of the world’s leading authorities on the administrative profession. Lucy is author of The Modern-Day Assistant: Build Your Influence and Boost Your Potential, as well as the CEO of Marcham Publishing, a global force synonymous with world-class conferences and training. In this episode, Lucy talks about her new book, the Global Skills Matrix for administrative assistants, and much more. [...]

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Ep 237: Valerie Trapunsky – Founder and CEO of ChatterBoss and Author of Delegation Nation

Valerie Trapunsky is a former A-list personal assistant and Chief of Staff, current founder and CEO of ChatterBoss, and author of Delegation Nation: How Entrepreneurs and Assistants Can Thrive Together in a Remote World. In this episode, Valerie talks about over-communication in a remote setting, delegation as an assistant, and the importance of character in entrepreneur <-> assistant partnerships. LEADERSHIP QUOTE Real integrity is [...]

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Ep 233: Victoria Leech on Facilitating Meetings, Dealing with Stress and Burnout, and the Difference Between an Executive Assistant and a Chief of Staff

Victoria Leech is the Chief of Staff at Phoenix Hydrogen where she spends her time leading strategic initiatives in the renewable energy sector. Victoria also has career experience in the tech industry. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast with Jeremy Burrows, Victoria talks about meeting facilitation, dealing with stress and burnout, and tools and frameworks of a successful executive assistant. LEADERSHIP QUOTE [...]

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Ep 232: Eryn Anitavi on Relationship Management and the Trending Transition from Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff

Eryn Anitavi has been an entrepreneur since the young age of 10. She’s co-founded multiple companies and also has experience as an executive assistant and operations manager. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast with Jeremy Burrows, Eryn talks about the real cost of an executive’s time, the trending transition from EA to chief of staff, and how relationship management is an under-utilized [...]

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Ep 230: Yolanda Hunte on Changing How the World Sees Executive Assistants

Yolanda Hunte has been an Executive Assistant for over 28 years. Currently Yolanda is the practice administrator for the Global Head of Cybersecurity at Wipro. In this episode, Yolanda talks about changing how the world sees assistants, helping executives and other team members understand the significance of what an EA brings to an organization, and what makes an assistant a leader. LEADERSHIP QUOTE It [...]

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