For Executives and their Assistants

Ep 185: Calendar Management for Executive Assistants

As an assistant, one of your highest priorities is to manage your executive's most valuable asset – their time. If you look at your role through this lens, then you'll stop viewing "calendar management" as an uninteresting part of your job. This episode features an excerpt from my audiobook, The Leader Assistant: Four Pillars of a Confident, Game-Changing Assistant. In this chapter, I cover managing [...]

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Ep 184: How to Build a Winning Partnership with Your Executive

As an executive assistant, your relationship with your executive should be professional, strategic, and mutually supportive. Your goal is to help them succeed, and their goal is to help you succeed. After all, if you succeed, they will. This episode features an excerpt from my audiobook, The Leader Assistant: Four Pillars of a Confident, Game-Changing Assistant. In this practical and challenging chapter, I cover how [...]

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Ep 183: Dr. Sharon Grossman on How to Save Your Sanity and Prevent Burnout

Dr. Sharon Grossman helps high achievers crack the code of their burnout so they can find tailored solutions for recovery. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Dr. Sharon walks us through the why we burnout, how to fight it, and how assistants can lead by example to help their executive's resist burnout. I hope you enjoy our conversation! LEADERSHIP QUOTE A leader [...]

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Ep 182: Emily Housley – Strategic Assistant to the CEO of Crisp

As strategic assistant and producer of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, Emily Housley is Crisp CEO's partner in getting stuff done. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Emily shares the story of how she landed her first assistant role, how it has morphed since she began, and how to present yourself as an extension of your executive. Emily also tells us about [...]

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Ep 181: Dr. Heather Denniston – Wellness Strategist and CEO of WELLFITandFED

Dr. Heather Denniston bridges the connection between personal well-being and professional success for elite leaders and their teams. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Dr. Denniston shares her career journey, chats about well-being (at home and at work), and walks through the concept of "Energy Leakage Liability" and how we unnecessarily spill our limited energy. Be sure to download Dr. Denniston's free [...]

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Ep 180: What Executives Say to Assistants – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I recently surveyed Leader Assistants of the world to ask them a few questions about their careers and experiences with executives. In this episode, I share the first batch of responses received – some good, some bad, some ugly. I hope listening to what these executives said to their assistants reminds you that life is too short to work in a toxic environment – [...]

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Ep 179: Sara McKay – Executive Assistant at Wave

Sara McKay is an executive assistant in Los Angeles, CA and has worked in PR, fashion, beauty, production, and is now at a music tech startup, Wave. In this episode, Sara shares tips on remote work, being a new assistant, how to utilize your transferable skills when diving into a new industry, asking clarifying questions, and she talks about that time she worked out [...]

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Ep 178: Lynn Walder on Detaching Your Worth from Your Work

Lynn Walder utilizes her 20+ years of executive administration experience across 10 different industries to support the organizational, psychosocial & leadership learning aspects of Founder CEOs (and their Executive Leadership Teams) with their business-building journeys. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Lynn and I chat about her career and personal experience working closely with founder CEOs. We explore topics like emotional and [...]

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Ep 177: Andrew Reeves – Executive Assistant to the COO at Reddit

Andrew Reeves is the Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer at Reddit. He brings over 13 years of administrative experience to the table. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Andrew shares a bit of his career journey, talks about being a thought partner with your executive, cultivating connection in a remote work environment, and walks us through 4 pillars to leverage [...]

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Ep 176: Sona Movsesian – Assistant to Conan O’Brien and Author of The World’s Worst Assistant

Sona Movsesian is an executive assistant, author and media personality. She has been the personal and executive assistant of talk show host Conan O'Brien since 2009 and was featured in many of the show's segments. She currently cohosts the Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend podcast. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Sona shares the story of how she got the job [...]

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