Ep 237: Valerie Trapunsky – Founder and CEO of ChatterBoss and Author of Delegation Nation

Valerie Trapunsky is a former A-list personal assistant and Chief of Staff, current founder and CEO of ChatterBoss, and author of Delegation Nation: How Entrepreneurs and Assistants Can Thrive Together in a Remote World. In this episode, Valerie talks about over-communication in a remote setting, delegation as an assistant, and the importance of character in entrepreneur <-> assistant partnerships. LEADERSHIP QUOTE Real integrity is [...]

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Ep 233: Victoria Leech on Facilitating Meetings, Dealing with Stress and Burnout, and the Difference Between an Executive Assistant and a Chief of Staff

Victoria Leech is the Chief of Staff at Phoenix Hydrogen where she spends her time leading strategic initiatives in the renewable energy sector. Victoria also has career experience in the tech industry. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast with Jeremy Burrows, Victoria talks about meeting facilitation, dealing with stress and burnout, and tools and frameworks of a successful executive assistant. LEADERSHIP QUOTE [...]

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Ep 232: Eryn Anitavi on Relationship Management and the Trending Transition from Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff

Eryn Anitavi has been an entrepreneur since the young age of 10. She’s co-founded multiple companies and also has experience as an executive assistant and operations manager. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast with Jeremy Burrows, Eryn talks about the real cost of an executive’s time, the trending transition from EA to chief of staff, and how relationship management is an under-utilized [...]

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Ep 230: Yolanda Hunte on Changing How the World Sees Executive Assistants

Yolanda Hunte has been an Executive Assistant for over 28 years. Currently Yolanda is the practice administrator for the Global Head of Cybersecurity at Wipro. In this episode, Yolanda talks about changing how the world sees assistants, helping executives and other team members understand the significance of what an EA brings to an organization, and what makes an assistant a leader. LEADERSHIP QUOTE It [...]

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Ep 227: David Karandish on Automation in the Workplace, Energy Management, and the Executive Assistant Partnership

This conversation between my CEO, David Karandish, myself, and Hallie Warner originally aired on The Founder and The Force Multiplier Podcast and I'm excited to re-post it here on The Leader Assistant Podcast! How has our partnership thrived since 2017? Tune in to this fascinating conversation as we share the secrets behind our successful partnership, from overcoming early challenges and how the partnership has [...]

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Ep 223: Caroline Rice on Becoming a Business Partner to Your Executive and How the Rules of Improv Can Make You a Better Assistant

Caroline Rice is a c-suite executive assistant with 20+ years of experience successfully managing the administrative needs of top executives across several industries, including Wall Street. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Caroline shares her story of becoming an assistant and talks about what it means to be a business partner to your executive, what makes an assistant a leader, and how [...]

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Ep 222: Chynna Clayton – Former Special Assistant to Michelle Obama

Chynna Clayton worked in the personal office of Barack and Michelle Obama as their Director of Travel and Event Operations. Her career also includes administrative roles at Disney and the White House where she served as “body woman” to Mrs. Obama during the Obama Administration. Chynna is the founder of Matriarch Made Development, a consulting firm that helps organizations develop administrative teams. In this [...]

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Ep 212: Mariah Kerby on Discovering and Using Your Gifts, and Nurturing a Community of Growth for an Assistant Team

Mariah Grace Kerby is an experienced assistant who has been in the space for 10 years. She currently supports the Senior Assistant to the Executive Director of Platform Engineering at Ramsey Solutions. In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Mariah talks about seeing the assistant role as a viable career, discovering and using your gifts to support your executive, and nurturing a community [...]

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Ep 210: Lexi Gunther – Executive Support Team Manager and Executive Assistant to the Head of Product at Cedar

Lexi Gunther went from being a high school dropout to being a well-paid, EA Team Lead. She has been an EA and thought partner since 2009 and currently works at Cedar, a health-tech company, where she manages the Executive Support Team and is the Executive Assistant to the Head of Product.  In this episode, Lexi talks about working with international teams, transitioning from an [...]

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Ep 207: Deedee Benyi on Understanding the Business and Supporting Multiple Executives

Deedee Benyi is the Executive Assistant to the Chief Data Scientist at The Hartford. She came to this role after a varied career path including Automotive Service Management in addition to Real Estate and Vacation Planning in the USVI. In this episode, Deedee talks about how to understand the business so you can better support your executive team, supporting multiple executives, creating a professional [...]

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