What do you get when you mix a co-founder of a remote Executive Assistant agency with a long-time, rockstar EA?
A new startup company building software specifically for EAs.
In today’s episode, I chat with two amazing women running an exciting new startup building a software platform for assistants.

ep12 paige and crystal from Base

I’m joined by Base CEO and CoFounder, Paige McPheely, as well as Base’s Chief of Staff, Crystal Esquivel.

Base’s platform and community are modernizing how assistants work, empowering assistants to create more leverage for themselves and executives alike.

Paige and Crystal share a bit about their new tool for assistants, why they decided to start it, and what makes someone a leader.

We talk about running a business, interviewing assistants, whether or not tools like Slack are helping or hurting productivity, and more!

I really enjoyed this episode and I know you will too!

Below are Paige and Crystal’s bios. Be sure to connect with them on LinkedIn and say hi!

P.S. – Check out Paige and I’s webinar on AI and the Future of Assistants, if you haven’t seen it yet!

Paige McPheely, CEO of Base

Base Paige McPheely CEO

Through a passion for bringing people together, meticulous attention to detail, and the ability to organize chaos, Paige co-founded 33Vincent, a remote executive assistant agency, with her long-time friend, Casey Putschoegl (pronounced pooch-aye-gul). Together, they recruited top talent and attracted high-profile clients, growing the company organically and sustainably to employ a growing team of contract executive assistants who serve busy executives across the country.

Years of experience with executive assistants outlined common pain points and needs in their workflow; EAs lacked software of their own, a strong community, and a trusted source for training and resources. With a genuine desire to serve the executive assistant community, Paige turned her attention to creating a solution: Base. With a Beta release in 2019, Base aims to improve workflows for EAs and uplift them along the way.

Paige is CEO of Base and remains an advising partner for 33Vincent. She lives in Greenville, SC with her husband Matt and their three sons, Jones, Sam and Bennett.

Crystal Esquivel, Chief of Staff at Base

Base Crystal Esquivel

Crystal has served as an Executive Assistant to a variety of leaders, including CEOs, Chairmen, Executive Directors, and Founders. She has managed weeklong food events in multiple cities, authored two books about food in her hometown of Austin, Texas, and contracted to support chefs, photographers, and cocktail experts. In 2015 she found her way to 33Vincent, a remote executive assistant agency, where she served as an Executive Assistant and the Director of Client Success.

Her years of experience as an EA, along with her understanding of the pain points of the executives they work with, led her to join CEO Paige McPheely to create an innovative software and EA support company, Base. With a Beta release in 2019, Base aims to improve workflows for EAs and uplift them along the way.

Crystal is Chief of Staff of Base and is focused on building a strong and supportive EA community packed with resources and relevant content. She lives in Greenville, SC with her husband Justin and their little black cat.


Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.

– Dwight D. Eisenhower


“No” is a complete sentence.

– Anne Lamont


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