I’m very excited to share this conversation between Paige McPheely (CEO of Base – the first software for modern assistants) and Llewellyn Gravely (Lead Executive Assistant Business Partner to the Global Head of Uber for Business) from a recent webinar Base hosted called “How to Take Charge of Your Career and Make it Your Own.”

Llewellyn Gravely and Paige McPheely - Base Live Webinar Leader Assistant Bonus

There is no one-size-fits-all career path for executive assistants. Every assistant role is unique, impacted by the leader you support, your unique skill set, and the relationship you build together.

Every assistant role is unique, impacted by the leader you support, your unique skill set, and the relationship you build together.

What this means: the EA role is rife with opportunity. With no set path in place, assistants are in a unique position to disrupt the system and bring their own magic to their job description — and beyond.

In this conversation from a recent live webinar, Llewellyn Gravely, Lead EABP to the Global Head of Uber for Business, talks about turning passion for diversity and inclusion into becoming a change agent on a global scale for Uber — advising HR partners on talent searches, training hiring managers, and pushing changes organizationally to eliminate bias in the workplace.

Llewellyn will be sharing best tips and insights for how you can:

  • Find success without homogenizing yourself in a corporate setting
  • Blaze a new trail and take control of your career growth authentically
  • Have vulnerable conversations with your executive about your career

A special thanks to Paige and the team at Base for letting me share this amazing conversation with you on The Leader Assistant Podcast!

NOTE: You can watch the video replay of this webinar here.


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