Most of my guests on The Leader Assistant Podcast are assistants or former assistants, so I’m excited to hear a different perspective on the show.

j ballentine episode 14

In this episode, I chat with my wife Meghan’s long-time friend, and former Purdue pole vault teammate, J Ballentine.

J was in corporate America for 11 years, then left to start her own business.

We talk about hiring assistants, managing assistants, as well as public speaking.

In fact, I love this quote regarding public speaking from J:

“Be structured in how you prepare, but organic in how you present.”


Leadership is an action, not a position.

– Donald McGannon

About J Ballentine

Mom, entrepreneur, former pole vaulter and foodie.

After spending 11 years in the corporate world, J decided to act on a long time urge to start her own business. Since opening and then closing her first business, she’s had a passion for digital marketing and online business.

She’s currently vetting out her next business and taking time to enjoy life with two little kids.

Check out J’s foodie Instagram account, if you like food. 🙂

j ballentine


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