Kira Bennett joins The Leader Assistant Podcast to talk about her assistant career and becoming a virtual assistant.

Kira Bennett Leader Assistant Podcast

In this episode of The Leader Assistant Podcast, Kira shares why she took the leap, how she found clients, and other tips for becoming a virtual assistant.


Anyone, anywhere can make a positive difference.

– Mark Sanborn

Kira Bennett Pic Leader Assistant Podcast

After many years of different administrative roles in the NHS and private medical sector, Kira Bennett decided to assimilate all her skills and become a virtual assistant.

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Kira Bennett 0:00
Morning my name is Kira Bennett. And today’s quote is anyone anywhere can make a positive difference by Mark Sanborn.

Podcast Intro 0:11
The Leader Assistant Podcast exists to encourage and challenge assistants to become confident game changing leader assistants.

Jeremy Burrows 0:22
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Kira Bennett 1:37
Pretty close to six weeks in, but yes, very good.

Jeremy Burrows 1:42
Where are you in the world?

Kira Bennett 1:43
I’m in the UK.

Jeremy Burrows 1:45
Nice and six weeks in to what

Kira Bennett 1:50
I’m doing my own virtual assistant personal assistant at executive assistant kind of company.

Jeremy Burrows 1:58
Wow. So what made you decide to branch out on your own.

Kira Bennett 2:03
Um, I’ve had quite a few different roles over the years, many administrative roles in the NHS, which we’re very blessed to have over here. And I’ve had lots of experience in the private medical sectors as well. I’ve got bit of finance background, and I just thought, I’ve got skill sets in so many different areas, it’d be great to pull it into one place and help people with those skills.

Jeremy Burrows 2:31
Awesome. So how has it been going so far?

Kira Bennett 2:38
A world when would be the client with his way of doing it? Six weeks, and I’m already three very, very different clients in got a force potential just is rock sing. And I think for anyone out there who doesn’t believe that they can do something independently, I would really be encouraging and leading them to do that.

Jeremy Burrows 3:02
Awesome. So how did you find those clients?

Kira Bennett 3:07
I actually prayed and they found me is a very interesting way that actually I built my website. I did that independently, I got a bit of marketing behind me and built my own branding, and thought, You know what, I could go for weeks and weeks and weeks going over this or I just launch it and just have the guts and be brave. So that’s what I did. And in doing so I launched it. Within the first 24 hours, I had my first client who was a friend who just said, Kara, I need help. I need emails, calendar, just general life stuff organized. And I was like, fab exactly what I wanted. And then my second client in he found me actually on Facebook and just was like, Hey, I’m at breaking point. I’m running my own company and I’m up till 2am doing administrative tasks. Can you help? So he was another great one. And yeah, it just kind of kept going from there that people if you’ve got the right skills, and you’re bold enough and brave enough people come to you

Jeremy Burrows 4:24
so how do you work on over the last six weeks and as you launched How did you work on pricing? Did you decide on pricing and have you stuck with it? Have you had to adapt and adjust as you get going?

Kira Bennett 4:40
I thought originally I would stick to my price and that would be my price over it wouldn’t budge. But actually, I I kind of took a different approach. And each person who I work with has a different budget has a different package almost. They want me to do too. different things. So actually my pricing and then changed according to what people could afford. And I think in a world where we’re post pandemic, and people, some people have lost their whole entire business and just really beginning to build up. One person I work for, for charity, one of them is a charity. And I just couldn’t, I couldn’t bring myself to say, here’s a full whack pay thing. I just couldn’t do it. So it’s just taking independence.

Jeremy Burrows 5:35
So how do you manage multiple clients?

Kira Bennett 5:41
I love it purely because at any one point is the same as NHS, we manage different people, you manage different patients, you have to deal with each person’s help them what they want, and what they required you to do. I think if I went for just, I always said I wanted to help small businesses thinking I would be helping tradesmen and plumbers, electricians, gardeners and things like that. But actually, I’ve got such a, I’ve got a wide variety of skill sets, I could help anybody. I like helping everybody.

Jeremy Burrows 6:21
So do you have different email accounts for each client? Or do you use project management tool?

Kira Bennett 6:29
I, I, I have different project management tools for each of them. So I can send emails from from each of their accounts and act as their bas on their behalf. It’s not always about representing myself, but I’m representing them and building up their, their own businesses. So I, my one of them, and I just go from his own account.

Jeremy Burrows 6:56
Nice. And you mentioned before I hit record, I’m gonna put you on the spot. You mentioned you were nervous about this interview, you reached out to me and I said, Hey, be on the podcast. So what? What prompted you or gave you the courage to take a risk and be on the show today?

Kira Bennett 7:17
I work in virtually I’m basically at home. And the kids are at school. And instead of listening to the radio, I thought I’d listened to what other people are doing in the world. And I’m really inspired by some of the people you’ve had on your podcasts. I think their stories are incredible. I love listening to how they get to be where they are today. And I love learning from that. So for me, I thought if they can do it, I’m gonna have a go at it. I don’t know if that’ll be good. But hey, well, well edit a few bits. I

Jeremy Burrows 7:55
know you’re doing great so far. Thanks for being on the show. What’s one of your favorite hobbies?

Kira Bennett 8:02
It’s half night in the UK currently. And I’ve just come back from hot yoga, which is 36 degrees. And yeah, a lot of stretching and a healthy heater.

Jeremy Burrows 8:15
Yeah, that sounds like a hobby that I’ll pass on. But glad you enjoy it.

Kira Bennett 8:22
I heard that you don’t like to swim in either.

Jeremy Burrows 8:24
I am not as good swimmer. I can barely swim across the pool. So yeah, not a fan of being in the water. But I do love being on the water.

Kira Bennett 8:35
I love swimming. I think I messaged you and said all three of my kids swim better than I do. But it’s still one of those things that I need to be in the water as well.

Jeremy Burrows 8:46
Nice, nice. Well, what would you tell a new assistant who maybe it’s listening and they just started with a new executive or a new company? Or maybe there’s their first assistant role? What would you tell them? What would you recommend? Or how would you encourage them as they kick off their assistant role?

Kira Bennett 9:07
Be brave, ask questions. You can learn so much if you asked the right questions and don’t be scared to to ask those questions. Because yeah, they are definitely worth learning from.

Jeremy Burrows 9:25
Yeah, I always like to say Be curious, as you can always learn so much and keep that curiosity up. Even throughout your career.

Kira Bennett 9:35
Yeah, completely that I would say learn lots and just keep asking the questions.

Jeremy Burrows 9:42
Awesome. Well, is there any thing else that you’d like to share with with our listeners?

Kira Bennett 9:52
I just think that actually you can go back to the quote anyone anywhere could make a positive difference. I think In a world where we’ve just come out of a pandemic, like I keep saying, Do you know what you can make a difference, smile at people Be kind. Be that person who makes a difference in someone else’s life that will make such it may not be a big thing for you, but it might be a big thing to someone else.

Jeremy Burrows 10:19
Well said, well, thank you, Kara, for being on the show. I’ve actually I’m looking out my window and it’s really really skidding stormy and my boys are supposed to get off the school bus here in a minute. So I’m going to take that as a sign to wrap it up and make sure they can don’t get blown across the street by the wind on their way home. Thanks, thanks for being on the show. How can people reach out to you and say, Hi,

Speaker 1 10:48
I’m on LinkedIn. I’ve got my website also, Or I’m on Facebook as well if you’re in UK, or just yeah, anyway, possible.

Jeremy Burrows 11:01
Awesome. Well, I’ll put your links in the show notes and people can reach out and say Hi, and thanks again, Kira. Best of luck to you for the next six weeks, and hopefully many many more weeks in your new virtual assistant business.

Kira Bennett 11:15
Perfect. Thank you very much for having me on the show.

Jeremy Burrows 11:27
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