I had the pleasure of chatting with Gina Cotner, who has a team of top notch Virtual Executive Assistants at her company, Athena Executive Services.

episode 21 gina cotner

We talked about the differences between a virtual and on-site assistant, how to get clients if you’re a VA, and how to set yourself apart as a high-performing EA.

If you’re a VA, or are considering becoming one, this episode is especially for you.


Instead of looking for a great leader, we are in an era where each of us needs to find the great leader within ourselves.

– Werner Erhard

About Gina Cotner

Gina Cotner is the founder and CEO of Athena Executive Services, a firm that pairs virtual Executive Assistants around the United States with busy business owners, entrepreneurs and executives. Her team of high-caliber Executive Assistants work part-time, from home, taking many administrative tasks and projects off the plate of successful people, leaving them free to spend their time where they are needed most.

She, herself, has worked remotely for over 10 years on national and international teams. For the last 5 years she has been focusing on the work-life balance, wellness and satisfaction of busy professionals.

She is masterful at living from her calendar and coaching others in how to have their calendar be the canvas on which they paint their life. Her coaching on time management (and how we relate to “time” altogether) leaves people as the author of their day and their week, rather than having to be heroic and simply survive what’s coming at them.

She was born and raised in the Seattle area. After earning her dual degree in Human Resources and Public Relations, she went on to have her career center around training and personal development. She has also led seminars for one of the world’s leading Personal Development organizations. Currently she spends 75% of her year living and working in Seattle, and 25% of her year in Pismo Beach, CA.


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