Eliza Bladon is Executive Assistant to the Co-Founder and CTO of Lola.com, and also the founder of SmarterEA – a growing community of EAs on Slack.

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Eliza is a leader in her company and a leader in the EA community at large so I am very excited to share our conversation with you!

We talk about navigating and embracing change, finding a Llama at the last minute, communicating with your executive, networking with other assistants, and tips for booking corporate travel.

Eliza also shares how she uses Lola.com – the sponsor for this episode – to manage expenses, book travel, and handle last minute travel emergencies. Oh and we find out what Lola.com’s service team calls themselves. 🙂

Enjoy the show and be sure to attend a demo of Lola.com to get a $50 Amazon gift card here.


Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

– John F. Kennedy

About Eliza Bladon

Eliza is Lola.com’s executive assistant. She manages the Co-founder/CTO’s calendar and travel, gets new hires up and running, assists in planning company meetings and events and more! She also runs a slack group focused on EAs and Office managers, called Smarter EA.

Eliza Bladon - EA at Lola



Thanks to Lola.com for sponsoring this episode! If you manage business travel at your company, check out Lola.com’s corporate travel platform. Lola.com is the easiest way to book, manage, and report on corporate travel. Visit Lola.com/podcast to schedule a free demo and receive a free $50 Amazon gift card (terms apply).

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