I’m excited to share my conversation with Jess Gardiner, Founder and Editor in Chief of The Assistant Room, an online magazine for assistants.

Jess Gardiner the assistant room

Jess has a decade of experience as a C-Suite Executive Assistant, and shares several great insights in this episode.

We talk about AI and the future of assistants, why being an assistant is some of the best training for those who want to start their own business, ways to encourage men to embrace the role of an EA, what to do if you’re sexually attracted to your executive, not taking a job just for the money, and how to promote yourself without being annoying.

Enjoy and share this episode with your assistant friends!


Well behaved women seldom make history.

– Laurel Ulrich

Jess Gardiner the assistant room
About Jess Gardiner

After spending ten years as an EA working in Healthcare, High Fashion and Property, supporting some of the most influential people within their industries, Jess established online industry magazine The Assistant Room.

Fast forward three years and her first hand experience working in what she describes as the most commercially powerful industry in the world, has developed The Assistant Room into a leading industry publication with over 10k readers per month in over 25 countries across the world.

Covering life and style, travel and career centric articles, The Assistant Room provides engaging and creative content to inspire, challenge and push the boundaries of the modern day Assistant.


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