Welcome to Episode 38, Leader Assistants! I’m very excited to share my conversation with the wonderful Lucy Brazier, CEO of Marcham Publishing, Publishers of Executive Secretary Magazine.

Episode 38 Lucy Brazier leader assistant podcast

I had the honor of finally meeting Lucy in person in Atlanta at her Executive Secretary Live event, and she was even more wonderful in person. She’s even invited me to speak at Executive Secretary Live in London, so if you’re in London – I hope to meet you there.

Lucy shares her story about starting Marcham Publishing, burning out, the global differences in titles for assistants, and how she’s working to standardize titling for assistants across the globe.

We also talk about AI and how assistants can future-proof themselves for the ever-changing world of work, and how the best assistants are servant leaders.

I’m thankful for Lucy’s support and that she shares her platform to help other EA speakers and trainers like myself share their message.

Enjoy our conversation!

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– Unknown (often accredited to Mark Twain)

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Lucy Brazier Leader Assistant Podcast
About Lucy Brazier

Lucy Brazier is founder of the world’s leading global publication & conferences for Administrative Professionals – Executive Secretary Magazine & Executive Secretary LIVE. Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator of Administrative Professional Conferences.


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