Ep #31: Jess Gardiner – Founder of The Assistant Room

I’m excited to share my conversation with Jess Gardiner, Founder and Editor in Chief of The Assistant Room, an online magazine for assistants. Jess has a decade of experience as a C-Suite Executive Assistant, and shares several great insights in this episode. We talk about AI and the future of assistants, why being an assistant is some of the best training for those who [...]

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Ep #30: Managing Ground Transportation for Your Executive with Savoya

Have you thought about improving ground transportation for your executive? If not, it's time you think twice before booking ground transportation for your executive(s). In this episode, I chat with the team from Savoya – a company that provides secure, executive ground transportation services. I have a great conversation with Meagan Gleason (Chief Operating Officer), and Dominic Miraglia (EVP of Sales & Marketing). We [...]

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Ep #29: Eliza Bladon – EA to CTO at Lola.com and Founder of SmarterEA

Eliza Bladon is Executive Assistant to the Co-Founder and CTO of Lola.com, and also the founder of SmarterEA – a growing community of EAs on Slack.   Eliza is a leader in her company and a leader in the EA community at large so I am very excited to share our conversation with you! We talk about navigating and embracing change, finding a Llama [...]

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Ep #26: Annie Croner – Founder of Whole Assistant

I love the internet. I've met so many people online I would have never met otherwise, including today's guest, Annie Croner. This episode was fun because I had already been interviewed by Annie for her website, so it was nice to return the favor and be the one asking the questions this time around. Annie founded Whole Assistant to empower and encourage assistants and [...]

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Ep #25: Nicky Christmas – Founder of Practically Perfect PA

There are dozens of blogs and resources for assistants today, but not many have been around as long as Practically Perfect PA, and even fewer publish content on a consistent basis. In this episode, you get the honor of hearing from Nicky Christmas – the woman behind the Practically Perfect PA movement. We talk about side hustles, productivity for assistants, the nuances between a [...]

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Ep #20: 3 Tips for Scheduling Meetings

In my decade plus of experience as an executive assistant, I’ve come up with several tricks to a good system for setting up meetings that help me be efficient, helpful to others, and ultimately take control of my executive's calendar. In this episode, I take a break from interviews (don't worry, the next few episodes are some great interviews with great people!) to share [...]

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Announcing the Leader Assistant Podcast

I'm excited to officially announce (drumroll please)... The first 3 episodes of my new podcast – The Leader Assistant Podcast – are now live on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and wherever you listen to podcasts! In this podcast, I share practical lessons on productivity, leadership development, and everything in between. I'll also interview amazing guests (executives, assistants, thought leaders, and more) and I can't wait to share our conversations [...]

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