This weekend my wife and boys were out of town so I had all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted. So what did I do? I spent the entire weekend building resources for assistants. Well, not the entire weekend. I did go on a bike ride to the donut shop down the street.
Anyway, I’m happy to announce my new resource for assistants is live!
Introducing the 30-Day Assistant Challenge – an online mini-course that includes an email every weekday for 30 days. Each email includes a bite-sized challenge that will stretch, encourage, and help assistants become more productive and impactful leaders.

30 Day Assistant Challenge

Why Aren’t There More Resources for Assistants?

The first 8 years of my career as an Executive Assistant, I did NOT seek out training, connect with other assistants, or lead myself.

The result? I burned out.

So for the past 2 years, I’ve done the opposite.

I’ve focused on taking care of myself as much as I take care of my executive.

I’ve read books and sought out training to help me become a better leader.

I’ve connected with other assistants and learned a ton about how to lead out in my role as an assistant.

Throughout this process, I found there are countless resources and tools for executives to get the training they need. But for assistants? Not so much.

So I began to share what I’ve learned here at

Note: I have found a few amazing resources for assistants. For example; Practically Perfect PA, Tips for Assistants and a few others. But nothing compared to the barrage of executive training that’s available.

As I mentioned earlier, I spent all weekend putting together my newest resource – the one I’m most excited about – which is the 30-Day Assistant Challenge.

What is the 30-Day Assistant Challenge?

This challenge is a members-only, online mini-course that includes an email every weekday for 30 days.

Each email includes a bite-sized challenge assistants can tackle that day.

These challenges will stretch, encourage, and help assistants become a better leader in their workplace.

Executives: I encourage you to send your assistant to the site and I think you should consider paying their way.

Don’t let your assistant make the same mistake I did. Help them take care of themselves before they burnout.

Assistants can take the challenge at

My hope is this challenge will help as many assistants grow in their leadership skills as possible.

After all, every executive needs a rock-star, leader assistant.

Take the challenge at

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