Ep 106: Carissa Burgett on Empathy, Self-Care, and Managing Chronic Pain

Carissa Burgett has years of experience as an assistant at the C-suite level, and she’s passionate about being a strategic business partner and mentor to fellow admins. For her entire life, Carissa has had severe chronic pain. In this episode, she shares how she manages the pain while maintaining focus and professionalism in her career as an assistant. She also shares tips on self-care [...]

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Ep 89: Diana Faz – Executive Assistant and Global EA Mentor

Diana Faz is a seasoned, top level assistant with 15+ years of experience, a global EA mentor and advocate, and an all-around amazing person. Diana opens up about her experience with burnout during the pandemic, and also shares practical tips on managing email, networking, leading a team of admins, and anticipating your executive's needs. Enjoy our conversation! Note: The quote Diana references at the [...]

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Ep #66: Lindsay Robinson – Executive Assistant at LinkedIn

Lindsay Robinson spent 11 years as an assistant at the NBA, and is currently an Executive Assistant at LinkedIn. Lindsay talks about what it’s like to work for LinkedIn, how to improve your LinkedIn profile, being honest when you make mistakes, asking for help, and tips on self-care and avoiding burnout. Enjoy! LEADERSHIP QUOTE Failing to plan, is planning to fail. - Benjamin Franklin [...]

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Ep #42: Amanda Vinci – CEO and Founder of The EA Institute

My first interview episode of 2020 is with Amanda Vinci, Founder and CEO of The EA Institute. It was fun interviewing Amanda from the other side of the world (she’s in Melbourne, Australia, I’m in St. Louis, MO). Amanda is an internationally accredited coach and trainer, Meta Dynamics Practitioner, Accredited EDISC Consultant, and International Keynote Speaker. We talk about mentors, mistakes, recognizing and avoiding [...]

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Ep #38: Lucy Brazier – CEO of Marcham Publishing, Publishers of Executive Secretary Magazine

Welcome to Episode 38, Leader Assistants! I'm very excited to share my conversation with the wonderful Lucy Brazier, CEO of Marcham Publishing, Publishers of Executive Secretary Magazine. I had the honor of finally meeting Lucy in person in Atlanta at her Executive Secretary Live event, and she was even more wonderful in person. She's even invited me to speak at Executive Secretary Live in [...]

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Ep #34: Emily Burley – President of Executive Leadership Support (ELS)

Emily Burley is President of Executive Leadership Support (ELS), headquartered in Chicago, IL. ELS puts on amazing events for assistants, and I’m excited to share this episode with you. Emily talks about why she started ELS and gives us an inside look at the many ways they help assistants around the world. She also shares practical tips on how to ask for professional development [...]

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Ep #27: Urgent is Rarely Urgent

Calling something an “emergency” doesn’t make it a true emergency. Most things can wait. Urgent is rarely urgent. Think about the last time you received a text or phone call from your executive during your off hours. Could it have waited until you were back online to address? Most likely, the answer is yes. This episode is a reminder that urgent is rarely urgent. [...]

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Ep #10: How to Avoid Burnout

How do you burnout-proof your life? In this episode, I continue the burnout theme from episode 9, and share 3 practical ways to avoid burnout. Note: I burned out at my last job and it was because I failed to apply these practices. Don't make the same mistake I did! LINKS IN EPISODE Read 10 Driving Forces Behind Burnout for more on what's behind [...]

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Ep #7: Take a Vacation!

Taking time off is seen as lazy and many people don't use their allotted paid vacation time. Can we stop pretending the world revolves around us? Let's stop making excuses and use all of our paid time off. Don’t wait till you retire to take a vacation! Here's my article to executives urging them to leave their assistants alone during off ours and vacations. [...]

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